~sweet brynn~

~sweet brynn~

little brynn turns one this month so her mommy, steph, asked me to do family photos with a cake smash! i have known steph for a really really long time because we went to elementary school together! steph, her husband walter and i were in the band together at dulaney high school where we made some pretty awesome memories all because of our amazing band director mr. paxton whose life was cut way too short earlier this year : ( steph and walter have raised a super cute little blondie, brynn, and it was so neat to watch her walking so well!! the cake smash provided us for a lot of laughs on this beautiful day!


~preSley mArie~

this is my absolutely gorgeous friend erin. we have been the "erins" for a long time now...like elementary school long time! she's one of those friends who... years pass, new friends come and go, life moves forward and we might not talk for ages and then we reconnect and you realize why old friends are truly the best friends in the world : ) in one day i was able to meet her super cool rock star (like in a famous band rocks star) husband AND her precious new baby girl presely at their beautiful home. yes, i know, i've been in california for a long time!!!  the day we took these photos it was beyond hot and muggy and rainy so between trying to stay under trees and running indoors to avoid a downpour i think we managed to get some beautiful shots! they were great sports about it and clearly baby presely didn't mind as she fell comfortably asleep despite the conditions! also i can't believe the colors of the flowers in their yard-they were unreal! i can't wait to watch presley grow up~ if she's anything like her mommy the world will be a wonderful place!



words can't describe what this place means to me, has done for me and how much better my world when i'm crossfitting : ) i competed in my first competition this past saturday and it just so happened that we hosted the event. jaime and nick put on the most amazing day with almost 300 athletes and double that in spectators!  i am more than proud to call this place home! it was the first crossfit event i have ever attended....i know...after 8 months of doing this you'd think that i'd have been to one by now. so, why not compete in it too?!?! i had many intentions of taking lots of photos of all of my team mates throughout the day but my nerves got the best of me and all i could think about was my next WOD that i thought the camera should probably be put away and i should only focus on competing. i'm looking forward to bringing the camera back out though during more events and even to daily WOD's just so i can practice with the indoor lighting. my team mate james so nicely gave me a quick brush up on some settings for events like these but more practice will definitely be helpful!




my beautiful best friend leslie and i have a standing date on saturday mornings hiking with our puppies and sweet hadley. it's our chance to catch up about the week we just had, get some sunshine on our face and to just laugh and be ourselves. her little angel hadley is most laid back and go with the flow baby who just smiles and kicks her legs while watching the puppies go crazy in the field. i'm so lucky to have leslie in my life. she's not only an amazing friend but watching her as a mommy brings a smile to my face : )

(charlie & henry)

(charlie & henry)

i got to visit with this sweet family at their beautiful home on a drizzly may morning last week. it didn't stop us from catching some great shots on their front porch and in the yard. chrissy is an old friend...we go as far back as preschool! little charlie will be attending the same preschool in the fall where chrissy and i first met : ) he's such a sweet older brother and his little voice and words just melt your heart! 


g. family

i love my yearly holiday photography tradition with one of my absolute favorite families! sweet little mason was an angel of mine in the NICU a few years ago and he has grown into a smart, sweet, hilarious, active little man who has truly been a miracle from day one...when he was born at 23 weeks. he is obsessed with his three older sisters and i think i can say that they are equally as enamored with him as well! i told these girlies that we should send all preemies home with them because they clearly have made this awesome little guy who he is today! can i mention their mama? not only is she a hero of mine for the love she gives to her kiddos and for the care she gives as a fellow nurse, but she is one beautiful beautiful mama!!! clearly, good lucks run in the family : ) i cherish my friendship with this family so much and am so grateful that they a part of my life!